"As if life were eternal, I left the wish to live in a better world for future consideration. I make music to bring that future to my day to day, to turn my mortal life into a real adventure, and to leave behind the resignation of my past."

"Como si la vida fuera eterna, fui dejando para momentos futuros el anhelo de vivir en un mundo mejor. Hago música para traer ese futuro a mi día a día, convertir mi vida mortal en una aventura real y dejar atrás la renuncia al pasado".


“EL BARRIO EL CIELO EL ESPACIO EXTERIOR” is a self-descriptive album that compiles and reconstructs my first experiences in music. It includes clear elements from SKA, ROCKSTEADY, REGGAE, DUB and NEW WAVE from the 80’s with a slight intention to integrate the sounds and rhythm patterns of TANGO and Argentinian FOLCLORE. The lyrics are intentionally porous as to leave room for broad religious or non-religious interpretations. The sounds and lyrics do not solely determine the exact position of the song within the three layers of the album “EL BARRIO EL CIELO EL ESPACIO EXTERIOR”.